Quality Improvement


Value-Based Purchasing (VBP)

The Virginia Business Coalition on Health is pleased to offer a range of activities in which public and private purchasers engage to influence the behavior of consumers, plans, and providers to achieve greater value ($1 of value for every $1 spent ) ….or “Value Based Purchasing.”

Five components of VBP include:

  1. Value-Based Benefit Design
  2. Physician Performance Measurement & Reporting
  3. Physician Payment Reform
  4. Foundational Business Diagnostics
  5. Health Promotion

To learn about VBP, download a FREE Value Based Purchasing Guide, which was developed by VBCH’s parent the National Business Coalition on Health.

Value Based Benefit Design (VBBD)

A key component of VBP is “Value Based Benefit Design,” which is defined as follows:

Value Based Benefit Design is the explicit use of plan incentives to encourage enrollee adoption of one or more of the following: 1) appropriate use of high value services, including certain prescription drugs and preventive services; 2) adoption of healthy lifestyles, such as smoking cessation or increased physical activity; 3) use of high performance providers who adhere to evidence-based treatment guidelines. Value-Based Benefit Design is distinguished from Value-Based Insurance Design in that it extends beyond the realm of insurance to include incentive-based programming such as wellness services.

VBCH’s key strategy for VBP is to:

  • Improve the purchasing process of employers and employees
  • Improve the health system (health plans, hospitals and other providers)
  • Improve the health of the community (employees, consumers and public).

VBCH offers these contractural programs to achieve VBP:

eValue8eValue8 RFI
eValue8 is the leading evidence based request for information tool available to health care purchasers today and is widely used by business health coalitions, their purchaser members and national employers to assess and manage the
quality of their health care vendors.

Maryland P3 Program™P3 … Patients Pharmacists Partnerships
P3 is a program that provides incentives to patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and matches patients with a community pharmacist provider for evaluation, setting goals to achieve clinical outcomes and lifestyle improvement.  Formerly HealthMapRx, using the Asheville Model.  Sign up today.


Value-Added Services

As part of your membership to VBCH, we make available Value Added Services as part of your membership dues that:

Benefit Your Company:

Benefit Your Employees: