FEE: Annual $250 plus $1 per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees
(FTEs are capped at 12,000 for all Basic Members). 
As a Basic Member, you and your employees enjoy all the benefits of membership.


… Public-sector employer only

FEE:  Annual $500 ($250 Base Plus $250 FTE cap)
As an Affiliate Member, you and your employees enjoy a limited number of benefits of membership.


…Required of suppliers & vendors

FEE:  Annual based on level chosen
In addition to the Basic Fee (see above), as a Basic PLUS Premium Member, not only will your company be represented, but you are invited to add another representative from your Marketing, Sales, or other division to enjoy the benefit of Premium Membership.  Please contact us to schedule a meeting to learn about the benefits of PLUS PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP and the six(6) Fee Levels to choose from:

  • $20,000-Diamond
  • $15,000-Platinum
  • $10,000-Gold
  • $5,000-Silver
  • $3,000-Bronze
  • $1,500-Copper

VBCH Membership Brochure (tri-fold)

VBCH Membership Basic and Affiliate At-A-Glance

PLUS Premium Membership (Vender- & Supplier-hat) At-A-Glance

Why is the member fee based on your FTEs?
Many coalitions charge a flat rate fee, sometimes as high as $25,000 a year, which excludes many employers and other stakeholders from joining their business coalition.  The Virginia Business Coalition on Health uses a fee structure to establish fairness among members so that any size employer/stakeholder can join the VBCH.   All members join as ‘employers.’   The benefits you provide your employees range as low at $5,000 and as high as $12,000 per year, and we feel that the $1 fee is reasonable and is rewarded when you become and active member to improve employee well-being and the delivery of health care in Virginia.