Testimonials of Membership

“For any business, continued membership in an outside organization comes down to benefit versus cost.  From the beginning of our relationship with the Virginia Business Coalition on Health, the benefit/cost equation has been positive, and over the years, our experience has been that the benefits have only grown.  From the Coalition’s education and networking opportunities to their benefits’ evaluation and disease management tools to the insight and solutions we have gained from being associated with a diverse group of member businesses and organizations, we have been impressed with how much value we receive from our membership.  My only regret is that we didn’t become involved with the Coalition sooner.”
-Victor Brugh, MD
FORMER Employer: Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

FORMER Vice-Chair, VBCH Board of Directors

“I have been a Human Resources professional for over twenty-five years and each year, it is becoming more difficult to find objective, unbiased information.  Often, information is confusing or overwhelming and I always wonder if the person presenting the information has my best interests in mind or theirs.  Through my association with the Virginia Business Coalition on Health (VBCH), I don’t have to worry about the information I learn through the Coalition being for the benefit of anyone but my company and its employees.
The VBCH is the premier voice for improving the quality of healthcare in Virginia.  The Coalition aligns the interests of all parties to produce long-term cost savings with better quality outcomes for employees and employers.  The VBCH offers a venue for the voice of companies to be heard and the combined strength of those voices can lead to successful changes in the field of health care.
I find value in peer interaction and the ability to share information and ideas on numerous issues facing companies managing health plans.  The networking opportunities allow me to implement ideas and strategies that others have already tested.
Participation in the VBCH has been one of the smartest decisions I have made in my years as a health plan administrator.  Whether your company has 5 or 5,000 employees, you can make no better decision than to become a member of the VBCH.”
-Chris D’Surney  //  Employer: Virginia International Terminals
VBCH Board of Directors

“I’ve learned that no matter how large you are, no one company and no individual is big enough to solve wellness and health care issues in isolation. All health care issues are local and must be addressed locally. No two markets are the same, no two employers are the same. The stakeholder base is much larger than one person or one company can impact.
The coalition provides us a menu of items that we can access to meet various needs based upon the audience and the issue. They provide information that we may not find even with internal staff dedicated to employee benefits. We have the opportunity to access tools that we may not get on our own to help us as a purchaser understand some of the “behind the veil” issues, tools like eValue8, and Bridges to Excellence. It also provides us with access to tools that we can make available to employees and their families to help them make more informed health care and selecting the highest performing hospitals using The Leapfrog Group’s Hospital Survey.
Why join? We’ve learned there are 4 main stakeholders in health care – the four “P’s”. The purchaser, the patient, the providers and the plan. Our mixed-model coalition provides a venue for 3 of these 4 stakeholders to meet regularly and become better informed about the issues that each of us faces individually and collectively. Without this understanding of each other, we can’t possibly come to solutions for a system that affects each one of us – we can’t begin to untie the “Gordian knot”. It’s the only venue we’ve found as purchasers that permits us to share information and concerns with two of the other “P’s” – the plans and the providers. That’s why Chesapeake Public Schools has joined the coalition – we believe it provides a venue that we can’t find anywhere else and couldn’t possibly develop on our own.”
…Victoria Lucente  //  Employer: Chesapeake Public Schools  //
Chair-VBCH Board of Directors;  Chair, eValue8 User Committee

“City of Norfolk employees have provided quality services to the 235,000 residents who live in the city and have positively influenced all the surrounding cities in the Hampton Roads area.  In order for our employees to be successful, quality health care for them is a critical component of our organization.  In Virginia, the Virginia Business Coalition on Health has been the organization that has been the consistent driver in this matter.  They work to form a collective voice for employers to improve the quality of medical care, push for positive healthcare reform, and promote prevention and wellness for all employees.  The City of Norfolk has benefited greatly from the past 15+ years of membership and know the future for our employees is brighter due to the work of this organization.  We highly recommend that your company become part of the collective voice called the Virginia Business Coalition on Health.”
 … Donna Vogel  //  Employer: City of Norfolk  //  VBCH Board of Directors

“From a small business perspective, the Coalition is a great conduit for us to hear about current issues of healthcare and an even better conduit for us to be heard. As a healthcare provider Group, we care about the delivery of quality healthcare services and the latest trends in this area. Thank goodness we have a great Coalition for our community.”
 Stephen Cyrus  //  Employer: Atlantic Anesthesia, Inc.
VBCH Board of Directors

“For more than two decades, the Coalition has served as a stable and convenient resource for the business community to attempt to understand and address an array of important and complex issues which impact on the cost, quality and availability of health care services in the Commonwealth.”
 Patrick Devine, Jr., Esquire  // Employer: Williams Mullen
Past VBCH Board of Directors

“The VBCH brings together from a variety of thought leaders, the most current information on healthcare and it’s delivery – anyone in this industry would benefit from being a member.”
… Matthew Manock  // Employer:Anthem BCBS
Past VBCH Board of Directors