Mission, Vision & History


To serve our members by providing workforce health education and innovative solutions that adds value and quality. 

The VBCH TRIPLE AIM:VBCH Triple Aim logo

  1. SERVE our members
  2. SMART through education
  3. SOLUTIONS that add value and quality 


To be the leading  organization and employer voice for workforce health and productivity.

The VBCH is fulfilling its Vision when:

  • Member-employers have valuable information, products, and services to assist their employees in managing their health.
  • Employees are healthier, better informed and empowered to manage their own care.
  • We are a catalyst for change by establishing collaborative, strong, and effective working partnerships.
  • Non-members recognize the value of being a member and membership increases.

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No One Employer Can Do It Alone!

The VBCH members companies, through the direction of our the Board of Directors and Staff, bring a unified voice on wellness in the workplace , health plan performance and hospital quality and patient safety, among other initiatives. VBCH members enjoy networking and education as well as a variety of other member benefits.

VBCH member businesses range in size from 2 to 18,000 employees and together they represent 350,000 covered lives. VBCH is a member of the National Business Coalition on Health, which represents 70 coalitions nationwide and 40 million covered lives.

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Today –  2005-Present

The coalition expanded Virginia-wide as the Virginia Business Coalition on Health, recognizing that more members, more hospitals and more plans would unify and amplify our message, “higher quality and lower cost” …the foundation for “Value-Based Purchasing.”

History – 1983-2005

The Hampton Roads Health Coalition came to fruition in 1983 through the efforts of a core group of employers who felt powerless when purchasing the “right” health benefit for their employees. The coalition grew and the rest is history!

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