About VBCH

The Virginia Business Coalition on Health (VBCH), is a non-profit, founded in 1983 under the name of the Hampton Roads Health Coalition. Since 2005 it has since expanded Virginia-wide and has a membership of more than 80 purchasers – small, medium and large alike, in both the private and public sectors of communities throughout Virginia – representing more than 160, 000 employees and their dependents. VBCH, a mixed-model coalition, is represented by at least 70% the ’employer’ community, and with no more than 30% representing the provider community of hospitals, health plans, benefits professionals and the pharmaceutical industry …believing that all parties working together provides the best solutions in health care quality and cost.

The Virginia Business Coalition is committed to improving the quality of health care. Purchasers know of the concerns raised about our Nation’s health and its health care delivery system:

  • Hospital Safety Slight improvement ten years after … Original estimate:”tens of thousands died due to preventable medical errors” (Institute of Medicine, 1999; )
  • Effectiveness …”50/50 chance of getting appropriate care (McGlynn, 2003)
  • Administrative Waste
  • Uninsured  50 Million U.S. (16%) and 1 Million Virginia (13%) (StateHealthFacts.org; 2012)
  • Chronic Conditions (CDC.gov):
    • 75% of all US health care spending is for people with chronic conditions
    • Four modifiable health risks (tobacco use; poor nutrition; lack of physical exercise; excessive alcohol consumption) are responsible for much of the chronic disease burden
  • Rapidly Rising Costs: Employers spent more than $8,500 per active employee (aprox. 150 million people in the US) on health care coverage in 2011, 75% of the $11,176 total cost, with employees covering the balance. (Kaiser Family Foundation; The Uninsured: A Primer; 2010).

The Virginia Business Coalition has what it takes:

  • Committed leadership from core purchasers
  • Leadership skills and business acumen
  • Membership representation and significant market share to grab plan/provider attention
  • Clear mission and strategic and strategic focus

VBCH disseminate best practices through forums such as its Business & Health Summit, Business Roundtables, Value-Based-Purchasing Series, Legislative Forums, Newsletters, Surveys, Decision Support Tools, Report Cards, and Awards. The Coalition also provides an excellent opportunity to network with the best in the field of health care and benefits (human resource managers, benefits personnel, CEO’s, health care professionals and providers, insurers, accountants, attorneys and bankers.)

VBCH members listen and respond to health policy legislative issues at the federal, state and local level, which impacts on health care quality and cost.

VBCH is a member of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), which represents seventy coalitions nationwide; a network of 7,000 purchasers and thirty million covered lives.

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